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...Online Vs. Traditional Education | James JohnsonCOM/155December 15, 2013 | Online Vs. Traditional Education Thesis statement Is online education equal to traditional education? Research shows that online learning is equal or better than traditional classroom experience. There has been a strong debate about online education and traditional on campus education, this essay will point out the facts about both online and traditional, on campus, teaching’s. Traditional Education A. The traditional education system relies on a style of learning intended to allow students to gain individual meaning and learning to the subject matter. Traditional education focuses on individual student’s needs and self-expression. Traditional education has a more hands-on approach that utilizes both the teacher’s intellectual values and skills as well as the students. B. Traditional schools have a more one-on-one intercourse between professor and student. 1. In a traditional school you can interact with students easier than if you were online. Living on campus lets you have a space to call your own. Online Education A. Students are given the opportunity to choose from various schools, programs and courses which are not available in the area where they live in. 1. Offers flexibility to students. Allows a more student-centered teaching approach. B. Getting an online education may help in ensuring that each lesson or material is completely understood before...

Online vs. Traditional Education CompareContrast Essay; and rewarding than traditional classes, Online vs. Traditional Education CompareContrast Essay.

With respect to the last point, you do mention in passing the credentials of online instructors but since you don't talk about the quality of instructors in traditional schools, or about perceptions of quality, the point is not immediately relevant to the comparison you want to make. I don't know if you are in a position to make such a comparison but it seems obvious enough to an insider like me that traditional schools still attract professors with better academic qualifications (which doesn't make them necessarily better teachers). You point out that online schools are accredited (which is true of some, not all, such schools) but since accreditation affords only a baseline measure of competence, the point is not very helpful for deciding the value of online education. Perhaps one thing to keep in mind is that the situation with respect to the quality of online education is changing quickly. Every year more and more universities are offering online courses that compete with the existing commercial entities and generally improve the quality of online education. There are also new business start-ups in this area and relatively new non-profit organizations that enable self-directed study online, such as the Khan Academy, which doesn't yet, as far as I know, offer accredited courses, but that fact may not matter in the future as much as it does today. One of the problems with your essay is that it speaks of online education as though it were a homogeneous entity. It sounds like you are speaking from experience, and that you are assuming that all online education is as you have experienced. That kind of assumption is not really justified (and obviously you don't try to justify it in your essay). For what it's worth, such an assumption of homogeneity would also not be justified in the case of traditional education: not all brick and mortar schools are the same.

Nov 30, 2011 vs. traditional education compare and contrast essay. though online classes may not provide a statement on online vs traditional.

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Traditional Vs Online Education Essays and Term Papers. Online vs Traditional Classes. This paper will compare and contrast online vs. traditional. Words.

5. Come to a conclusion, at the end of the essay, about the overall value of online vs. traditional education.

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