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I have no idea if there is an even greater solution for peace, but I have learned over my eleven years of life that religion is the true source of peace, love, friendship, and forgiveness. I was born and raised into a very religious Christian family, and my parents taught me to forgive and love everyone, especially my enemies. Why should we do this? To follow God’s example. We were made in his image, so we should love others as he loves us. This, and many other important life lessons, is the knowledge I grew up on.

Educating a girl means, educating a family, educating a society, educating a nation. When a single seed can bring so many fruits, why to suppress it at the initial stages. Let this seed to grow and enhance the beauty of the nation.Tags: girl education essay, essay on girl education, essay on importance of girl child education, essay on girls education, girls education essay

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You are right ,without motivation there is no possible education and with it people learn no matter how hopeless their situation may seem. I like to quote Nietzsche's "Those who have a why can bear any how" (Crepúsculo de los Ídolos). What seems really important to me is that ICT seems to provide motivation when it might be absent. We have measured the Intrinsic Motivation INventory in about 140 schools of our ne Laptop per Child program and all variables increased, some of them more than 100%. Of course bad teachers will always be a problem and we'll have to work hard to improve them but it takes a lot of time and effort so something needs to be done while they improve.

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Education can be seen as a means of empowering socially and economically deprived groups into communities seeking political reforms. Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual ,political, social, educational, gender or economical strength of individuals. Bhimraj Ramji Ambedkar was one of the most important Dalit activist who believed that increasing educational access of Dalit’s would increase their empowerment. He thought that a higher level of education would cause the Dalit’s to realize their rights, to aspire to highest position and also consequently use political power and influence as a means to end their oppression. Many reasons are suggested why Dalit’s suffer from low rates of literacy but the most realistic one describes history and unequal access as the causes.

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