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...Morning After Pill The morning after pill is a cheap, effective way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. In fact the morning after pill is the only morning after pills that have Food and Drug Administration approval in the U.S. It is also available over the counter in quite a few drug stores. Education A few years back there was a big debate about whether or not in the U.S. we should include sex education in the curriculum. I seriously don’t think that we have much of a choice to do so in today’s society. Today’s teenagers are smarter, faster, and probably a lot more cunning and clever when it comes to sex and how they present themselves. I venture to say that out of 10 teenage girls under the age of 18, 6 of them are having sex and that’s a tragedy. The education has to start at home. It has to start with mom and dad having those uncomfortable conversations. I personally have had to have them at least once a month. I do it because I know how I was as a teenage boy and all I probably thought about was sex and how to get some. It’s hard to control your flesh as a teenager, very. Secondly, the U.S. school systems should have a lot more programs in place that help teenagers and urge them to open up about sex. Certainly if we can teach our kids about everything else that goes on in the world, then we can talk to them more about sex. Choices Do I think that it should be a teenage kids choice as to whether or not they should take the...

“One of the greatest advantages of the Plan B pill is that it prevents an unintended pregnancy after unprotected intercourse has already occurred…the morning after pill is 89 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, and it can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex. The emergency contraceptive pill can be used in addition to other birth control methods that may have failed” . Sure, Plan B prevents pregnancy and that is a great advantage when taking the pill and the fact that it can be consumed up to five days after unprotected sex. However as stated by this author, the pill is 89 percent effective; 89 percent is not 100 percent meaning that in the end there is a chance that the emergency contraception fails also. Additionally, Plan B can be taken (and is usually taken) when other forms of contraception fail. For example if a women forgets to take one of her birth control pills she may go and purchase Plan B.

The morning after pill has been discussed among a lot of people but do most people know what this pill does. Studies have shown that mifepristone also known as the morning after pill to be 95 percent effective at terminating early pregnancy. Also, doctors who are trained to determine the duration of the pregnancy can only distribute the morning after pill. Physicians can also use mifpristone to provide a surgical abortion in the event that the pill fails. Abortions with mifepristone can cause painful cramping, nausea and bleeding that may last for several days. About one in 100 women may experience bleeding so heavy that surgery is required to stop it. These side effects and the fact that the morning after pill takes longer to terminate a pregnancy than a surgical method are downsides that may advise against not using the pill. "Most people think you take the pill and the pregnancy is gone, and nothing else is involved," said Dr. Deborah Oyer, a family doctor with Aurora Medical Services in Seattle. " Women who have gone through a spontaneous miscarriage know it doesn't feel good." The morning after pill has many disadvantages but may also have advantages. The morning after pill has many advantages but who knows what these advantages are. On September 28, 2000 their was a debate , the U.S. Food and Drug Administrators on Thursday approved the abortion pill RU-486 for American women. Physicians may be able to offer the drug, to be sold under the brand name Mifprex, in as soon as a month. This drug can induce an abortion in the first seven weeks of pregnancy. United States say, this will forver change the state of abortion services in America, giving women a safe and private alternative surgical abortion. Also, this can be used to terminate a pregnancy immediately whereas surgical abortions are generally not performed until eight weeks. The FDA will require that each women who is considering mifepristone be given a medical brochure det...

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Its easier to argue not to ban the pill. I’d use the following reasons: The destructive patterns in unplanned children ( neglect, adoption, strain on society’s resources to raise a child if a parent gives them up, moral efficacy). I’m not saying there aren’t positive possibilities as well but I would focus on the negative in order to keep the pill from being banned. And of course its a clear alternative to abortion. The debate and emotional damage of abortion can be mitigated by the morning after pill. The last reason I can think is that younger people may be more likely to make a mistake that needs this kind of remedy. I’m saying teenagers need the pill more than a responsible adult (yes I know there are adults who are not responsible, this is just the argument though).I hope this helps you.

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Besides the issue of minors having sexual relations, the morning after pill’s active ingredient is the hormone progestin. What possible side effects will this have on a girl undergoing puberty?

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Side Effects
The morning after pill is a high dose of estrogen and progesterone and can cause the following side effects immediately after taking:

• If you consume the morning after pills between 48 and 72 hours after having an unprotected sex, it will be comparatively less effective with a lesser success rate.

Not unless birth control pills should be banned also. The “morning after pill” (called Plan B) is just a super-high dose birth control pill.

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Yes, I agree that pharmacies should sell the morning after to teens. If people don’t have protected sex and don’t want to get pregnant they can take the morning after pill. It can help reduce teen pregnancy. If teens don’t have the money for an abortion they can take a morning after pill to avoid getting pregnant.