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Essay Canada's copyright law is one of our hardest laws to enforce

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This essay shares some information on several topics that interest me:A polite assumption would be that people are not aware that copying islawful: it is a violation of copyright laws and the propertyrights of authors. This document gives a brief sketch of the natureof the rights protected by copyright law. Unfortunately, any discussionof enforcement of intellectual property rights gives an offensive impressionof being told not to steal towels from a hotel. >

City GDL students have won in previous years: Daisy Ricketts (2011) and Calum Docherty (2010) were both successful. Calum proposed the reform of copyright law in and Daisy with . In 2012 City student Mek Mesfin was runner-up in the CPE category and in 2013 Ross Beaton, a City GDL alumni won the overall prize. You can see all previous winners and read their essays via the Bar Council .

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This essay is intended only to present general information about an interesting topic in law and is legal advice for your specific problem. See my . I am an in Massachusetts who concentrates in copyright law, among other areas of law,but I provide legal advice only after being hired, considering your situation carefully,doing any necessary legal research, and writing an opinion letter.

Essay Canada's copyright law is one of our hardest laws to enforce. The reason the police have so much trouble enforcing this law, is due to technology.

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