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However,in my opinion, there are both advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of money.

With the development of our modern society, people’s living conditions become much more comfortable. But along with intense competition, parents have less time to consider children’s needs in all-round. One method to solve this contradiction is to give children some pocket money. Pocket money is useful to children. But whether the children are considerable enough to make correct use of these money. There are two viewpoints about the pocket money. Some people think that giving children pocket money will make them become luxurious. Others think that will not lead to such disadvantage. In my opinion, both of them are partially reasonable.

Someone believe that giving children pocket money really has many advantages. With pocket money, children can buy their daily necessities such as pencils, little toys, and snack food they like. It will give children a certain freedom to select what they want, make them aware rules of the equivalent exchange. Since time to parents is very precious, giving pocket money to children help them to save time spent in shopping, but used in busy working and earning money.

How to Write Effective IELTS Conclusions IELTS Advantage a great deal more money than people in other important professions Some people think this is fully justified while others think it is unfair

Your money grows at a good rate when compared to the inflation rate. Disadvantage- You may lose money if you choose high risk investment options. |

Savings account- account used to save money and also you gain interest while have the account opened | Advantage – Saving can help you for future plans like opening a business. It also allows you to earn money on your savings in the form of interest. Disadvantage- A main disadvantage of savings accounts is, in the case of notice accounts for example that your money is often tied up for a specific period of…

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One huge advantage that fast food. For instance, a person can skip sugar drinks and opt for low fat milk or fresh juices. Buying in fast food chains saves us time in cooking and some of us also think that we save extra money in cooking food for us. In this modern time, eating fast food becomes a daily habit that people really enjoy to eat. Fast food joints are being seen as a factor that is making a number of families spend less and less time together. It is convenient to eat fast food. By coming to restaurants, which sell fastfood, the customers are quickly served; they can. In my opinion, although fast foods bring some advantages to our nowadays lives, they have many disadvantages such as containing a lot of bad lipids and high calories and consist of some refrigerated and synthetic materials. Array Fast Food Essay In the past people in. 5
Use of Discourse Markers (%): 0. McDonald’s was so popular that other fast food chains started to pop up all over the United States. In fact fast food can be a life saver for many families who are living in a city and working hard all day. Like most things there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

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As we know, today there are about six billion people in the world. All of them live in different countries and have special cultures. Some countries have become very sophisticated, while others haven’t yet been developed well. For this reason, some people want to go to well-developed foreign countries, especially to the U.S.A. People want to go to well-developed countries to live more comfortably. They also strongly believe that if they go there, they will earn more money. Living in a foreign country has many advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. Therefore, before people come to a decision about going to a foreign country, they should consider the advantages and disadvantages of living in a foreign country.

(viii) Fiscal advantages to the Government of the paper currency are undoubtedly very great, especially in times of national emergencies like a war. A modern war cannot be prosecuted by taxes or loans alone. All governments have to resort to the printing press. In recent years in India there has been great inflation. We must remember that by this means our Government has been able to spend hundreds of crores of rupees on various ambitious programmes of development. Hence within limits the issue of paper money comes very handy to the government at the time of dire need.

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Disadvantage: Money and publicity. Holding an event and having a poor showing can have serious negative repercussions. Tourists and contestants and staff will speak negatively of your city and hurt future tourism. Setting up for the event can be extremely expensive and render a city nearly bankrupt.

Pocket Money for Kids- The Advantages and Disadvantages. Editorial Staff. April 30, 2012. Are you intending to start giving money to your kids?

Others insist that there are undoubtedly some disadvantages in spending pocket money. First, young children do not know how to use pocket money appropriately, they possibly consume all the money to buy expensive merchandise that they like, and then ask for extra money from their parents. Some parents cosset their children, and always give them a large amount of pocket money. Such conditions will make children become more and more prodigal. Second, since adults do not supervise the procedure of shopping, children could probably buy something that is not suitable for their age, such as adult magazines. The fast food industry prospered over the last 30 years because minimum wage was lowered. Gill Disadvantages of Fast Foods Time is money. They also come with heavy doses of salt and meat and cheese. Fast food chains are store that provide meal and serving it with just minutes after we made our order. Free Essays on Disadvantages Of Fast Food In Hindi. Some of this fastfood chain also operates in 24hours basis. Junk food is often filled with trans-fat, an artificial fat that is used as a stabilizer so premade foods can sit for long periods of time before they are consumed. Going out to a fast food eating joint with family once in a while won’t matter much. Advantages/Disadvantages Of Fast Food Short Essay. Though it is not as frequently discussed, liver damage is a significant risk associated with consuming fast food. But there are many drawbacks of fast foods that outweigh this advantage. Fast food offers us change”by and large”.Our specialized and experienced writers compose a variety of model papers including custom essays. Customized essays40disadvantage of money essay. Your custom papers online money back guarantee: we.