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Wow! great excersize 🙂 totally love it… I can almost feel my perfect day already.

If I resolve to face a day with my eyes wide open to see its goodness and possibilities, my heart open to spread that to other people, and my schedule a good mix of responsibility and progress, could any day be perfect? Possibly. Not every day will; there's too much outside of my control.

As I planned what to write on this subject, I thought I would describe a set of circumstances and events, much like I once planned out my ideal first date. What I've written so far has surprised me. It's not the circumstances and events that make a day perfect in my eyes, except for minimum levels of physical comfort. It's my attitude toward the day.

Beautiful Brittany! I absolutely love your perfect day, I could definitely see myself joining you on your adventures! Thanks so much for sharing lovely lady x

I now realize, however, that a perfect day is well within my reach. At least, it may be a very good day. That's close enough for now.

So for me, my day reflects my love of relaxation and sleep (hehe), my man, exercise, the ocean, great food, my work (yep I love it that much!), cooking, friends, family and laughter. Things that yes, make not only my perfect day fabulous, but my whole life fabulous!

I am going to describe to you 3 days that are perfect for me

Clothes, cars, video games, food, TV – it's easy to like this stuff. It's easy to get caught up in material pleasures, to worry about what you're going to wear or what you look like or what's going to feel good. In fact, it's normal to worry about this stuff. If you met someone who didn't give a hoot about any of it, you'd might think he or she was crazy.

"A Perfect Day for Bananafish" does two important things. One, it reminds us that there is more to life than clothes, food, and TV. Number two, it calls into question our definitions of words like "sane" and "crazy." (Or, in the words of a cheesy 90s action movie, "What if I told you insane was working fifty hours a week in some office?") When you shift around your perspective a little bit, when you start asking what's really important in life, you start to wonder if maybe we've got it all wrong, and the people we think of as "crazy" have got it right after all.

At least, that's the question Salinger inspires us to ask. Throw in some of the greatest dialogue written in the last fifty years and an adorable four-year-old girl, and you've got a short story that is definitely worth the fifteen minutes it will take you to read. And the fifteen years it will take you to figure it out.

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On a truly perfect day, I would accomplish what I want and need to accomplish. I would feel no external obligations beyond those which I actively sought out for myself for that day. I would spend time with the people I care about and not distract myself while they talk to me — I'd have real conversations with them, when we look each other in the eyes and really think about what the other people are saying.

The weather for my perfect day would bright and sunny. There would be a cool breeze around us keeping us comfortable under the warm sun. In my perfect day, I wouldn’t have to worry about doing homework or turning my assignments in on time. Everything would get done at the right time and at the right moment. Everyone around me would be happy and joyful. Everyone would have all of their needs met and would enjoy their life to the fullest. There would be no violence and everyone would get along. We would do our entire share of work and make our community a better place to live in. My perfect day would be spent enjoying time with my family and friends. We would take care of each others needs and be happy.

I think my perfect day would depend on the day. I first have to find out what makes me the happiest and create a schedule around that.

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The Perfect Day When I was a little girl I would dream about my wedding day

I like to read a couple of news sites early in my work day. Because it's a perfect day, however, I won't go to work. Instead, I'll do a little writing, a little programming, and a little bit of miscellaneous work on whatever project I find interesting or useful that particular day. Two or three hours of solid concentration should help me make good progress.

My perfect day would start by me waking early — 7:30 am is early, for me — feeling refreshed and restored

My perfect day would begin with me waking up next to my family at ten in the morning at the center of New Delhi in India. After enjoying a nice long hot shower early in the morning, all of my family would enjoy a large Indian breakfast together. Then we would all go for a walk around the city. The whole family would take the train to Ahmedabad which is where my mother was born and raised. We would get to spend time with all of my cousins. The seven of us get some lunch together and drive to empty field and play some Indian sports such as cricket or soccer. While growing up in India, I enjoyed playing many games out on the streets with my friends. Once the game ends, we meet up with our entire family member and take them out to a wonderful Indian dinner. After dinner the whole group would go out to a five star hotel where we booked a room that let us look at entire city at night.

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I feel sleepy and slower after lunch and often check for the news again on my favorite sites. Sometimes I respond to e-mail. On a perfect day, I might play video games for a little while. (Right now I can't decide what I would play; nothing has grabbed my attention recently.) Otherwise, I will finish off the final pieces of the project. Hey, it's a perfect day!